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On this site you will find Beginner Guides for RC Helicopters and RC Heli Related products.
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New Build Guide

700 Size Bell 206 Jet Ranger

This thing is HUGE!

Click here for to learn more
about the awesome Scale
Fuselage from RC Aerodyne.
Chaos 600 vs HK 600GT

I recently got a Chaos 600 so I can now tell you a
bit about the differences between them and the
HK 600GT. There are quite a few improvements in
the Chaos that makes it a
much better value then
the HK 600GT

The Chaos 600 has
- Thicker Carbon Fiber Frame
- Improved Main Bearing Blocks
- Wider Frame Design
- Carbon Fiber Main and Tail Blades included
- Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
- Better Swashplate design (Aileron Link)
- Nice Fiberglass Canopy included
- Quality Parts - No Need to upgrade anything
- Available as Belt Tail, Torque Tube or Flybarless
- Available as ARTF kit (add your own Radio)
- Superior Customer Support from RC Aerodyne
Chaos 600 Bearing Block
HK 600GT Bearing Block
HK 600GT and Chaos 600
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FalconSEKIDO - Hobbywing ESC Official Agent
Hobbywing ESC's, Official Agent

I've been flying with Hobbywing ESC's on my RC
Helicopters since I started flying. They have always
worked great, to this day I have never had one fail
one me. There are alot of "Grey" or "Clones" of
Hobbywing ESC's out there, some work fine and
some fail instantly. Thats why its just better to get
the real thing. So recently while hunting around the
internet I came across a new US based retailer for
Hobbywing ESC's, Their company is called
FalconSEKIDO and they are the Official Agent for
Hobbywing ESC's in the
US. Well the reason I am
taking the time to write about them is not only are
they they official agent for Hobbywing ESC's, They
also offer a 90 Warranty through
FalconSEKIDO and
to top it off, they have
some of the best pricing on
ESC's I've ever seen
, even better then Hobbyking in
China. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out!!
Mega's Micro - Blade Micro Board repairs
E-Flite Blade - Micro Board Repairs

A friend of mine has a Blade mcpX that he has been
having alot of fun with. Then one day the main motor
started acting crazy which sent the helicopter out of
control, it crashed into tall grass so there was no
damage mechanically. But the main motor was stuck on
despite my friend having already lowered the throttle on
his transmitter. So this caused something on the micro
board to fry, everything works still except the main
motor, even tried a new motor and nothing. He was
going to give up on it as new Micro Boards are
expensive and hard to get. Then I came across a guy in
the US that can fix the micro boards, He's called
Micros. So if you're having similar issues with your
E-Flite mQX, mSR X or mCP X micro board, check him
out, definitely worth it!!
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Invasion of the 100 size - 4 Channel
        Micro FP Helicopters

In the last few years there has been an
explosion in the micro RC Helicopter
market. There are both 4ch Fixed Pitch
(FP) versions as well as 6ch Collective
Pitch (CP) versions but for now I will be
covering the 4ch FP models. Helicopters
like the Align T-Rex 100X, Solo Pro 270,
WL Toys V911, HK FP100 and a few
more. They are cheap to buy, cheap to
repair and just might be the heli to get if
you are interested in getting into this
awesome hobby.
New 300 Size Fixed Pitch Helicopters
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